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The Hayashen Library

The Hayashen Library brings together many valuable Armenian-related publications and audio-visual resources that are useful to both the Armenian community and the wider community in London and, in particular, for younger people who normally do not have access to such facilities.

Many of our library’s books have been donated; click here for a list of the contributors to Hayashen’s library project. We are looking for committed volunteers to help us with the Library, if you are interested then click here for more information.

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Some of our Resources

Below is an A to Z authors’ listing of all our books in Western languages as of the end of July 2002, with their Hayashen library catalogue number. This list will not be complete as the contents of the library are constantly being added to. We also have a large collection of books printed in Armenian: please consult our catalogue within the library for a listing of these. There is also a large collection of press cuttings, photographs, and other archival material that have yet to be properly catalogued.

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Abgarian G. W., Matenadaran. E/5/ABG Abrahamian, Levon, & Sweezy, Nancy, ed. Armenian Folk Arts, Culture and Identity. E/5/ABR Adalian, Rouben, ed. Armenia & Karabagh Factbook. E/1/ADA Adamian, Martin S., & Klem, Daniel, A Field Guide to Birds of Armenia. E/3/2/ADA Adonz, N.. Towards the Solution of the Armenian Question. E/2/1/4/ADO Afetinan, A., A History of the Turkish Revolution and Turkish Republic. E/2/3/AFE Agbabian, Alidz, Tell Me who Your Friend Is: An Armenian Folktale. E/7/1/AGB Agenor, Agenor, Number 66: Turkey – Partner for Europe? E/1/4/AGE Aghaian, B., ed. Mesrop Mashtots E/6/AGH Aharonian, Aharon G., The Ohanian Family: Descendants of Ohan Ohanian of Mezireh, Armenia. E/2/8/AHA Aivazian, Aram P, Armenia – Usurped by Genocide and Treachery. E/2/7/AIV Aivazian, Edman, Paintings and drawings of an Armenian village. E/5/1/AIV Ajemian, Kevork, The Fallacy of Modern Politics. E/8/4/AJE Alamuddin, Ida, Papa Kuenzler & the Armenians. E/2/7/ALA Alderson, Andrew, Armenia: the agony and the hope. E/2/1/5/ALD Alexander, Edward, A Crime of Vengeance: An Armenian Struggle for Justice. E/2/1/4/ALE Alexanian, der Jacques, The sky was black on the Euphrates. E/2/1/4/ALE All-Armenian Union of Women, All-Armenian Union of Women. E/4/1/ARM Alpago Novello, Adriano, et al. The Armenians. E/5/9/ALP Altinoglu, Garbis, Portrait of a terrorist state: a summary of the ordeal of political captives in Turkish prisons. E/4/3/ALT Altounyan, Taqui, Chimes from a Wooden Bell: A hundred years in the life of a Euro-Armenian family. E/2/7/ALT Altounyan, Taqui & Goulder, Jill, (author of postscript) In Aleppo once E/2/7/ALT Amirian, et al Rouben, et al Ludwig, Bazil, E/2/7/AMI Amnesty International, Iran – Violations of Human Rights: Documents sent by Amnesty International to the Islamic Republic of Iran. E/4/3/AMN Amnesty International, Turkey: Amnesty International Briefing. E/4/3/AMN Amnesty International, Turkey: Testimony on Torture. E/4/3/AMN Amourian, A., 60th Anniversary of April Massacres: 1915-1975: Turkish Genocide of One and Half Million Armenians during First World War: Foreign Witnesses. E/2/1/4/AMO Ananikyan, Rem, Tourist Attractions in Armenia. E/3/7/ANA Andonian, Aram, The Turkish Armenocide: Documentary Series, Volume One – The Memoirs of Naim Bey. E/2/1/4/AND Andonian, Aram & Guttmann, Joseph, The Turkish Armenocide: Documentary Series, Volume Two – (a) The Beginnings of Genocide [by Jospeh Guttmann]; (b) The Memoirs of Naim Bey [by Aram Andonian]. E/2/1/4/AND Andreopoulos, George J., ed. Genocide: Conceptual and Historical Dimensions. E/4/AND Antreassian, Alice, The 40 Days of Lent: Selected Armenian Recipes. E/5/7/ANT Antreassian, Antranig, The Cup of Bitterness and other stories. E/5/4/ANT Apcar, Amy, Melodies of the Holy Apostolic Church of Armenia: The liturgy as sung in oridnary, during Lent, and on festivals, written down in modern notation. E/5/3/APC Arakelian, Luke, ABC of Armenian No. 2. E/6/ARA Ardak, Asaf, ed., Focus on Tourism, Winter 88. E/1/3/7/TUR Arlen, Michael J., Passage to Ararat. E/3/7/ARL Armenakian, Dikran S., Simplified Armenian and the Armenians at a glance: the essence of Armenian history. E/2/1/ARM Armenian [title in Arabic], E/4/1/ARM Armenian? [title in Arabic], E/4/1/ARM Armenian academy? [title given in Armenian], E/5/2/ARM Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. E/2/5/APO Armenian Assembly of America, 1966 Congressional Report Card and Presidential Activity Report. E/4/1/ARM Armenian Assembly of America, Armenian Assembly of America, Inc. Annual Report, 1994. E/4/2/ARM Armenian Assembly of America, The Armenian Genocide and America’s Outcry: a compilation of U.S. documents 1890-1923. E/2/1/4/ARM Armenian Association Action Committee, The Invisible War: The Current Situation in the Caucasus. E/4/1/ARM Armenian Center for National and International Studies, Nagorno Karabakh: A White Paper. E/4/1/ARM Armenian Chamber of Commerce, Soviet Armenia. E/3/ARM Armenian General Benevolent Union of America, Ararat : a quarterly – volume xx1 no. 3. E/1/5/ARA Armenian Institute?, The Embroidery of Ourha. E/5/2/ARM An Armenian organisation [title given in Greek], On the 50th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1965. E/2/1/4/ARM Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Album of the Armenian Monastery of Jerusalem. E/2/5/JER Armenienhilfe, Direkt, Direct Aid to Armenia. E/3/8/ARM Arutiunian, V., comp. The Art of Soviet Armenia. E/5/1/ARU Arzoumanian, Paghtassar, Armenian Churches. E/5/9/ARZ Arzumanyan, Ashot, VictorAmbartsumyan: Envoy of the Stars. E/2/7/ARZ Asenbauer, Haig E., On the Right of Self-Determination of the Armenian People of Nagorno-Karabakh. E/8/6/ASE Asia Minor Refugees Coordination Committee, The Turkish Crime of Our Century. E/2/1/4/ASI Aslanyan A. A. & Bagdasaryan A. B. & Valesyan L. A. & Dulyan S. M., Soviet Armenia. E/3/ASL Asratian. G., Yerevan and its environs. E/5/9/ASR Atayan. Robert, The Armenian Neume System of Notation. E/5/3/ATA Atkinson, Tacy, The German, the Turk and the Devil Made a Triple Alliance: Harpoot Diaries, 1908-1917. E/2/7/ATK Auron, Yair, The Banality of Indifference: Zionism and the Armenian Genocide. E/4/AUR Aurora, Architecture of Ancient Armenia. E/5/9/AUR Aurora. Yerevan and its environs. E/5/9/AUR Avagian, Grigor, Armenia and Armenians in the World. E/2/1/AVA Avakian, Ara S., Armenia: A Journey through History. E/2/1/AVA Avakian, Asdghig, Stranger Among Friends: An Armenian Nurse From Lebanon Tells Her Story. E/2/7/AVA Avakian, Linda L., Armenian Immigrants: Boston, 1891 – 1901, New York, 1880 – 1897. E/2/8/AVA Avakian, Lindy V., The Cross and the Crescent. E/2/1/4/AVA Aves, Jonathan, Post-Soviet Transcaucasia. E/4/3/AVE Awde, Nicholas (1); Losi, Emanuela (2), Armenian First Names. E/6/1/AWD Awde, Nicholas ed., Armenian Perspectives: 10th Anniversary Conference of the Association Internationale des Etudes Armeniennes, School of Oriental and African Studies, London. E/2/1/AWD Ayvazian, Arthur A., Armenian Victories at Khznavous and Sardarabad on May 23, 1918 and Program for Re-establishment of Independent and Neutral State of Armenia. E/2/1/4/AYV Azadian, Edmond Y., History on the Move: Views, Interviews and Essays on Armenian Issues. E/4/AZA Azadian, Libarid & Donoyan, Armen, ed. The Armenian Genocide. E/2/1/4/AZA Azarian, Tomas, Recipes from Armenia. E/5/7/AZA Azatian, Vazgen, Yerevan. E/3/7/AZA Babayan, Aramashot, Be Nice, I’m Dead. E/5/4/BAB Bagdikian, Ben H., Double Vision: Reflections on my heritage, life, and profession. E/2/7/BAG Bairamian, Diane R., New Beginnings, Old Wounds: A High School Mini-Course on the Armenian Genocide – Student Text E/7/2/BAI Bairamian, Diane R., New Beginnings, Old Wounds: A High School Mini-Course on the Armenian Genocide – teacher manual E/7/2/BAI Baladouni, Vahe & Makepeace, Margaret, ed. Armenian Merchants of the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries: English East India Company Sources. E/2/2/ir/BAL Balakian, Peter, Black Dog of Fate: A Memoir. E/2/7/BAL Balassanian, Sonia, Armenian … . E/5/1/BAL Baldwin, Oliver, Six Prisons and Two Revolutions: Adventures in Trans-Caucasia and Anatolia, 1920-1921. E/2/1/5/BAL Balemian, Mardiros, A call to the Honourable Presidents, Honourable Directors, Honourable Members and Officials of the General Assembly of the United Nations, New York, who, are under moral obligation to implement responsibilities bestowed on them by the U.N. Charter. E/4/2/BAL Baliozian, Ara, The Greek Poetess and other writings. E/5/4/BAL Bamban, Robert, The Military History of Armenia, E/2/1/BAM Bardakjian, Kevork B., A Reference Guide to Modern Armenian Literature, 1500-1920. E/5/4/BAR Bardakjian, Kevork B., Hitler and the Armenian Genocide. E/2/1/4/BAR Bardakjian, Kevork B. & Thomson, Robert W., A Textbook of Modern Western Armenian. E/6/BAR Barnham, Henry D., The Khoja: Tales of Nasr-ed-Din. E/5/4/BAR Baronian, Hagop, Honourable Beggars. E/5/4/BAR Barseghian-Budden, Joanne, ed. Daughters of Dispersal: a collection of Armenian women’s experiences, life histories, recipes, poetry and diary extracts from the Diaspora. E/2/7/BAR Barton, James L., comp. Turkish Atrocities: Statements of American Missionaries on the Destruction of Christian Communities in Ottoman Turkey, 1915-1917. E/2/7/BAR Bauer, Elisabeth, Armenia Past and Present. E/5/BAU Bazil, Ludwig, Armenian Contemporary Music: Number 8: Magnificat, Lucas 1, 46-55 E/5/3/BAZ Bazil, Ludwig, The Song of Bread. E/5/3/BAZ/2 Bazil, Ludwig, Variations on Themes of Tigranian. E/5/3/BAZ/3 Bazil, Odette, Hansard – Minutes of parliamentary proceedings in the House of Lords and the House of Commons relating to Armenia and Karabagh, 1992-1996. E/4/1/BAZ Bedrossian, Garo, Feasts of the Armenian Church and National Traditions. E/2/5/BED Berberian, Viken, The Cyclist. E/5/4/BER Berberoglu, Berch, Turkey in Crisis. E/4/3/BER Bezjian, Alice, The Complete Armenian Cookbook including favorite international recipes. E/5/7/BEZ Bitov, Andrei, A Captive of the Caucasus: Journeys in Armenia and Georgia. E/3/7/BIT Bliss, Edwin Munsell, Turkey and the Armenian Atrocities. E/2/7/BLI Boulgourdjian, Nelida Elena & Otero, Leticia & Gitz, Pedro & Cortese, Claudia & Pineiro, Alberto, The Armenian Genocide in the Argentine Press, Volume I: 1890-1900. E/2/1/4/BOU Bournoutian, George A., A History of the Armenian People – Volume I: Pre-History to 1500 A.D. E/2/1/BOU Bournoutian, George A., A History of the Armenian People – Volume II: 1500 A.D. to the Present. E/2/1/BOU Bournoutian, George A., ed. and trans. Russia and the Armenians of Transcaucasia, 1797-1889: A Documentary Record. E/2/1/4/BOU Boyajian, Zabelle C., illus. and compil. Armenian Legends and Poems. E/5/4/BOY Boyd, Andrew, Baroness Cox: A Voice for the Voiceless. E/4/BOY Brentjes, Burchard, Drei Jahrtausende Armenien. E/5/BRE Brook, Stephen, Claws of the Crab: Georgia and Armenia in crisis .E/3/7/BRO Bryce, James (1); Toynbee, Arnold (2), The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, 1915-1916 : Documents presented to Viscount Grey of Falloden by Viscount Bryce. E/2/1/4/BRY Bulbulian, Berge. The Fresno Armenians: History of a Diaspora Community. E/2/2/a/BUL Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian: The Man and His Achievements. E/2/7/GUL Calzolari Bouvier,Valentina & Kaestli, Jean-Daniel & Outtier, Bernard, eds. E/2/5/CAL Cardan, Paul, History and Revolution: a revolutionary critique of historical materialism. E/8/4/CAR Catholicosate of Echmiadzin, Vazgen I, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians – In the People’s Unity lies the World’s Good. E/2/5/CAT Centre for Armenian Information and Advice, Centre for Armenian Information and Advice Annual Report 1989. E/1/2/2/CAI Centre for Armenian Information and Advice, Centre for Armenian Information and Advice Annual Report, 1990-91. E/1/2/2/CAI Centre for Armenian Information and Advice, Centre for Armenian Information and Advice: Report for the years 1993/4. E/1/2/2/CAI Centre for Armenian Information and Advice, Hayashen, the Centre for Armenian Information and Advice: Annual Report 1997 – celebrating 10 years of serving the Armenian Community in London. E/1/2/2/CAI Centre for Armenian Information and Advice, On Hand for the Armenian Community in London: The Centre for Armenian Information and Advice, Bi-annual review 1997-1999. E/1/2/2/CAI Centre for Armenian Information and Advice, The Will to Build and Survive: Centre for Armenian Information and Advice Annual Review, 1991-1992. E/1/2/2/CAI Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena, Music Armenia. E/5/3/VEN Cercle litteraire armenien, [title in Arabic]. E/4/3/CER Chahin, M., The Kingdom of Armenia: a history. E/2/1/CHA Chalabian, Antranig, General Andranik and the Armenian Revolutionary Movement. E/2/7/CHA Chalabian, Antranig, Revolutionary Figures: Mihran Damadian, Hambardzum Boyadjian, Serob Aghbiur, Hrair-Dzhoghk, Gevorg Chavush, Sebastatsi Murad, Nikol Duman. E/2/7/CHA Chaliand, Gerard & Ternon, Yves, The Armenians: From Genocide to Resistance. E/2/1/4/CHA Chaliand, Gerard, ed.,People without a Country: The Kurds and Kurdistan. E/2/3/CHA Chaliapine, Fedor Ivanovitch, The Song of the Volga Boatmen. E/5/3/CHA Chalk, Frank & Jonassohn, Kurt, The History and Sociology of Genocide: analyses and case studies. E/2/CHA Chaqueri, Cosroe, ed., The Armenians of Iran: The paradoxical role of a minority in a dominant culture. E/2/2/ir/CHA Charanis, P., The Armenians in the Byzantine Empire. E/2/1/2/CHA Charny, Israel W., ed.,Encyclopedia of Genocide. E/1/2/CHA Chorbajian, Levon & Donabedian, Patrick & Mutafian, Claude, The Caucasian Knot: the history and geo-politics of Nagorno-Karabagh. E/2/1/CHO Chorbajian, Levon, ed., The Making of Nagorno-Karabagh: From Secession to Republic. E/2/1/CHO Chorlian, Meg, ed.,Armenian Americans. E/7/2/CHO Christies, Twentieth century Armenian pictures. E/5/1/CHR Chrzaszczewski, Jacek, Armenian churches in Podolia. E/5/9/CHR Coleman, John, ed.The conscience of Europe, E/4/COL Commision on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Report on Azerbaijan’s Presidential Election. E/4/3/CSC Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Human Rights and Democratization in the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. E/8/6/COM Communist Party of Turkey, The 12th September Fascist Coup and the Resolution of the Coordinating Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey. E/4/3/COM Conference of the Leninists of the Communist Party of Turkey, Conference of the Leninists of the Communist Party of Turkey Resolutions 1980. E/4/3/COM Conference of the Leninists of the Communist Party of Turkey, Second Conference of the Leninists of the Communist Party of Turkey 1981: Resolutions. E/4/3/COM Corley, Felix, Armenia and Karabakh: Ancient faith, modern war. E/2/5/COR Cornell, Svante E., Small Nations and Great Powers: a study of ethnopolitical conflict in the Caucasus. E/4/3/COR Cousins, Jane. Turkey: Torture and Political Persecution. E/4/3/COU Crooker, Elizabeth, ed.,Faces: Armenia. E/7/2/CRO Cross, Tim, The Lost Voices of World War I: an international anthology of writers, poets and playwrights. E/5/4/CRO Cyprus?, La verite sur l’invasion Turque a Chypre. E/4/3/CYP Dadrian, Vahakn N., Documentation on the Armenian Genocide in Turkish Sources. E/2/1/4/DAD Dadrian, Vahakn N., German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide: A Review of the Historical Evidence of German Complicity. E/2/1/DAD Dadrian, Vahakn N., Ottoman Archives and Denail of the Armenian Genocide. E/2/1/4/DAD Dadrian, Vahakn N., The Armenian Genocide and the Legal and Political Issues in the Failure to Prevent or to Punish the Crime. E/2/1/4/DAD Dadrian, Vahakn N., The History of the Armenian Genocide: Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus. E/2/1/4/DAD Dadrian, Vahakn N., The Role of Turkish Physicians in the World War I Genocide of Ottoman Armenians. E/2/1/4/DAD Dadrian, Vahakn N., Warrant for Genocide: Key Elements of Turko-Armenian Conflict. E/2/1/4/DAD Dasnabedian, Hratch, History of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutiun 1890/1924. E/2/1/4/DAS Davies, Wendy, ed.,Rights have no Borders: Worldwide Internal Displacement. E/4/DAV Davison, Roderic H., Turkey. E/2/3/DAV de Azeredo Perdigao, Jose, et al., Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Armenian Department: Twenty years of activity, 1956-1976. E/2/2/PER Dekmejian, R. Hrair & Simonian, Hovann H., Troubled Waters: The Geopolitics of the Caspian region. E/4/3/DEK Delgado, Gerardo, ed., Arshile Gorky, 1904-1948: Exhibition. E/5/1/DEL Demirchian, Derenik, Mousey Pouy Pouy. E/7/1/DEM Demirchian, K. S., Soviet Armenia. E/3/DEM Demirjian, Richard N., Triumph and Glory: Armenian World War II Heroes. E/2/2/DEM Der Haroutunian, Arto, From the future to the past. E/5/4/HAR Der Hovanessian, Diana, Songs of Bread, Songs of Salt. E/5/4/DER Der Nersessian, Sirarpie & Vahramian, Herman, Achtamar. E/5/9/NER Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, et al., Treasures of Etchmiadzin. E/5/2/NER Der Parthog, Gwynneth, Byzantine and Medieval Cyprus: A Guide to the Monuments. E/2/3/PAR Deranian, Hagop Martin, Worcester is America: The story of the Worcester Armenians. E/2/2/a/DER Deranian, Hagop Martin, Worcester is America: The story of the Worcester Armenians – the early years. E/2/2/a/DER Deranian, Marderos, Hussenig: The origin, history, and destruction of an Armenian town. E/2/1/4/DER Derdarian, Mae M. & Meghrouni, Virginia, Vergeen: A Survivor of the Armenian Genocide – based on a memoir by Virginia Meghrouni. E/2/7/DER Derebian, Carlos, Armenia and the Treaties. E/2/1/4/DER Derebian, Carlos, Artsakh (Karabagh): the complex Caucasian trauma. E/2/1/DER Derogy, Jacques, Resistance & Revenge: The Armenian Assassination of the Turkish Leaders responsible for the 1915 Massacres and Deportations. E/2/1/4/DER Detroit Women’s Chapter of the Armenian General Benevolent Union, Treasured Armenian Recipes. E/5/7/DET Dogu Turkistan / Eastern Turkistan Publishing Center, Voice of Eastern Turkistan., Volume 1, Number 1, E/1/4/DOG Douglas, John M., The Armenians. E/2/1/DOU Dowsett, Charles, Sayat – Nova, an 18th-century troubadour: a biographical and literary study. E/5/4/DOW Elisseeff, Vadime, et al., The Armenian Art of Urartu and today. E/5/ELI Emin, Gevorg, Seven Songs about Armenia. E/5/4/EMI Emin, Gevorg, Seven Songs of Armenia. E/2/1/EMI Emin, Gevorg, Soviet Armenia. E/3/EMI Emin, Gevork, The Traveller to Eternity. E/5/EMI Emin, Joseph, The Life and Adventures of Joseph Emin, an Armenian. E/2/7/EMI Enkababian, Antranik A., From Slaughter to Survival: An Autobiography by a Survivor of the Ottoman Turkish Genocide of the Armenians. E/2/7/ENK Episcoposian, Grant, Armenian Problem in the Past and Today. E/4/1/EPI Fairbanks, Gordon H., Spoken West Armenian. E/6/1/FAI Fein, Helen, Denying Genocide: from Armenia to Bosnia. E/4/FEI Frelick, Bill, The Wall of Denial: Internal Displacement in Turkey. E/4/3/FRE Furtado, Jean, ed. Turkey: Peace on Trial. E/4/3/FUR Galbraith, Vanessa, Armenia: the hidden treasure. E/5/12/GAL Galshoyan, Mooshegh, Mampre the King. E/5/4/GAL Gantzhorn, Volkmar, Oriental Carpets: Their Iconology and Iconography from Earliest Times to the 18th Century. E/5/2/GAN Garibian, A. S. & Garibian, J. A., A Short Course of Armenian Language. E/6/1/GAR Garnett, Lucy M. J., The Women of Turkey and their Folk-Lore. E/5/GAR Gatrell, Peter, A Whole Empire Walking: Refugees in Russia during World War I. E/2/3/GAT Gebarski, Bohdan, A Letter to My Turkish Friend. E/2/1/4/GEB George, Joan, Merchants in Exile: The Armenians in Manchester, England, 1835-1935. E/2/2/en/GEO Gerard, James W., et al.,The Joint Mandate Scheme: A Turkish Empire Under American Protection. E/2/1/4/GER Ghassemlou, Abdul Rahman, Kurdistan and the Kurds. E/2/3/GHA Ghazarian, Jacob G., The Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia during the Crusades: The integration of Cilician Armenians with the Latins, 1080-1393. E/2/1/3/GHA Ghazarian, Mania, Armenian Carpets, E/5/2/GHA Ghazarian, Vatche, ed.,A Village Remembered: The Armenians of Habousi. E/2/1/4/GHA Ghazarian, Vatche, ed. and trans., Boghos Nubar’s Papers and the Armenian Question, 1915-1918 Documents. E/2/1/4/GHA Ghazarian, Vatche, ed., Armenians in the Ottoman Empire : An Anthology of Transformation, 13th-19th Centuries .E/2/1/3/GHA Ghougassian, Vazken S., The Emergence of the Armenian Diocese of New Julfa in the Seventeenth Century. E/2/5/GHO Giovanni, Guaita, Between Heaven and Earth: a conversation with His Holiness Karekin I. E/2/5/GUA Glagoleva, Fainna, trans., We of the Mountains: Armenian Short Stories. E/5/4/GLA Glazebrook, Philip, Byzantine Honeymoon: A Tale of the Bosphorus. E/5/4/GLA Gokay, Bulent, A Clash of Empires: Turkey between Russian Bolshevism and British Imperialism, 1918-1923. E/2/3/GOK Goldenberg, Suzanne, Pride of Small Nations: The Caucasus and post-Soviet disorder. E/4/3/GOL Goltz, Hermann, et al., Rescued Armenian Treasures from Cilicia. E/5/2/GOL Goodby, Gill, The Case for Sheltered Housing amongst Black and Minority Ethnic Elderly Communities in West London. E/2/2/en/ GOO Goolkasian, Peter Aharon, My Story: The vivid life story of a child who experienced and survived the Armenian Genocide. E/2/7/GOO Gosh, Mkhitar & Bedrosian, Robert, trans. The Fables of Mkhitar Gosh. E/5/4/GOS Grass, Gunter, For Yasar Kemal: Gunter Grass’ Oration at the Paulskirche, Frankfurt, 19 October 1997, at the award of the Freedom Prize. E/5/4/GRA Greenberg, Keith Elliot, An Armenian Family. E/7/2/GRE Grigorian, Ratchik, Etchmiadzin. E/5/9/GRI Grigoryeva, Tamara, Matenadaran. E/5/1/GRI Gulbenkian, Nubar, Pantaraxia: an autobiography. E/2/7/GUL Gulian, Kevork H., Elementary Modern Armenian Grammar. E/6/1/GUL Hacikyan, Agop J. & Soucy, Jean-Yves, A summer without dawn. 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